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So I received a call requesting 75 cake pops in the shape of microphones. Wow I thought never did them before so of course I wanted to do them. I think I was more excited about them than the Lady who gave me the order!
So I got on the internet and searched and it was surprising how many people actually had done
them. Armed with all sorts of information I got on to the sourcing of ingredients. The silver jimmies i wanted for the topping were easy enough - my local cake shop carried them. Thank you Micheal. btw this is a real person and not the Michaels store. The chocolate cookie cones however were not able to be sourced here in Oz -my affectionate term for Australia in case you were wondering. So again to the net (what on earth did we do without it? lol) I did find them in the US but no they would not post them to
me, wonder why? I am a nice person after all. It wouldn't have anything to do with postage, customs and such noooo has to be all about me!  Anyway, back to the pops....
So I decided to fall back on plan B. wait did I have a plan B? Of course I did (didn't really but winged it).  So I tried 2 ideas I had - chocolate covered cones or royal icng covered cones both which were surprisingly easy, decided to go with the icing covered ones simply because they were black
as opposed to brown of the chocolate covered one. Here is the finished product waiting for the microphone top and decorations........ and yes those are black pop sticks I found them at a local confectionery store I was ecstatic (obiously doesn't take much to make me happy) I'll post photos of the completed microphones when done

Ok. Finally done.  let me take you back a few steps first though. I had thought
the cake pops were nice coloured black but they faded. ( B******Y colouring!) so
I had to redo them. Time I didn't have. The phone would not stop either they all
wanted cakes for this saturday.... do people think I live in the world of Harry
Potter or something where I can wave a wand and a cake magically appears?)
Anyway, that's my pet gripe for the day I feel sooo much better :).  Then
there's a problem with my web page but we won't go there.
Ok back to the pops so I had to redo them. Baked on Thursday morn (which was
yesterday) made the pops and regriderated them.
Then I decided I didn't like the cardboard stand I had and wanted to make my own so off to the shed I went to riffle through it and see what I had that I could make a stand from. Voila!
Styrofoam blocks. So I made 2 stands as I could not work out how many tiers it took for 75 pops. Too much for my little brain.
then came the fun bit - decorating the pops. popped them on the cones and dipped them in chocolate and added the sprinkles or jimmies or whatever they are called. I happily did this and then stood back and took a look - they needed something. what? See the 2nd pic? Doesn't look finished somehow does it?
So I added a royal icing line at the bottom of the sprinkles. Now they look good!
So here they are - Microphone cake pops - my way!
psst! the red paper decorating the stand is part of the colour theme of the event. and I added the musical notes (photo taken before I stuck them down)


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    I live and work in the most 'livable' and wonderful city in the world -Melbourne. I love this city! All it's nooks and alleys, the weekend markets, the festivals the food meeting up with friends for coffee n cake! picnics in the park (with cake of course) any excuse :)
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